Sunday, 10 June 2007

Taking Liberties

The film Taking Liberties has opened on limited release. It’s a must see film for its subject matter but it also needs more media coverage to keep the issue of civil liberties alive.

The film is part of an overall campaign against authoritarianism. Taking Liberties takes viewers on a journey from the initial euphoria of New Labour’s victory over the Tories to the New Labour of today with its bloodied hands and soiled reputation. Dealing with the spectres of torture, detention without trial, rendition and the gradual erosion of our democratic rights, Taking Liberties examines Blair’s legacy through the magnifying glass of particular events including September 11th and the more every day, but no less pervasive, ASBO.


Arshad Ali said...

Looks like a good film - however is it Islamically permissible to go to the cinema - I have heard different things about this?

Freelance Activist said...

This does look interesting!

Arshad ali, I think the permissibility would depend on many factors. Though, I am sure it will be available for download, youtube or something.

If anyone does watch this, please write a review, which may help determine if it is watchable.

Sister Sumayyah, congrats on starting a superb blog, I am really liking it :D